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Daniel Lavanchy

Current position

Project manager and senior advisor in public health for viral hepatitis, smallpox, biosafety/biosecurity, and influenza

Major positions held

Project leader, coordinator, senior advisor
World Health Organisation (WHO), Geneva, Switzerland

Chief viral diseases
World Health Organisation (WHO), Geneva, Switzerland

Chef de secteur de recherche
CHUV, Division d’Immunologie et d’Allergie, Lausanne, Switzerland

Synopsis of experience

Editing, assessment and implementation of policies, regulations and recommendations. Advocacy. Team and consensus building.

International expert and consultant to governments and public/private institutions in the field of viral hepatitis, smallpox, influenza and biosafety/biosecurity covering laboratory diagnostics, treatments, vaccines and immunizations.

Experience in crisis management comprising epidemic investigations, implementation of emergency prevention and control activities, management of communications, provision of technical information and deployment of supplies (vaccines, drugs).

Evaluations/inspections of laboratories and maximum containment BSL-4 facilities.

More than twenty years of clinical experience in Swiss hospitals. More than fifteen years of work in clinical laboratories and clinical research.
Training to doctors and scientists from developed and developing countries.

Speaker in numerous national and international meetings and conferences; member of scientific juries; chairman of numerous meetings. More than 150 scientific publications; author of textbooks. Scientific reviewer for international journals.

More than two years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

Education and qualifications

UNODA/CBRNE Training course for the UN Secretary General’s roster of qualified experts for investigation of alleged use of chemical, biological, and toxin weapons

Courses in Pharmaceutical Economics and Policy Institute of Health Economics and Management (IEMS), University of Lausanne, Switzerland

Master in Health Economics and Management (MHEM). Institute of Health Economics and Management (IEMS), École des Haute Études Commerciales (HEC), University of Lausanne, Switzerland

Specialist FMH in Internal Medicine
Specialist FMH in Allergy and Clinical Immunology

Doctorate in medicine, University of Basel


Swiss federal diploma in medicine, University of Basel, Switzerland

The Association Round Table Antibiotics has been founded in Bern on June 24, 2019.
29 October 2019

The Round Table Antibiotics is a Swiss non-profit interdisciplinary Association gathering experts from medicine, research and economics of almost all Swiss universities, as well as committed personalities from industry or elsewhere.

The aim of the Association Round Table Antibiotics is to drive Switzerland’s contribution to innovation, research, and development of measures against antimicrobial resistance, particularly by promoting the market introduction of new active substances, which should be available to all countries worldwide.

Additional information:

Appeal to the Swiss Federal Council for an innovative financing model for the research on new antimicrobials
26 November 2017

On 9 November 2017, the Round Table on Antibiotics launched an appeal to the Federal Council to establish a dialogue in Switzerland between all partners involved in antibiotic research (academic research, economics, small and medium-sized enterprises, pharmaceutical industry, etc.). This dialogue should aim at defining, developing and implementing an innovative financing model for the research, development and marketing of new antibiotics that are financially accessible to all.

The text of the call of November 9, 2017 can be seen under "Publications"

The World Antibiotic Awareness Week will be held on 13-19 November 2017. Switzerland will participate.
8 November 2017

With the purpose of raising awareness of antibiotic resistance and improving the prudent use of antimicrobials, WHO (World Health Organisation) is organising a World Antibiotic Awareness Week since 2015. This year the event will be held from November 13 to 19. For the first time, Switzerland will actively participate to this week. Indeed, the crisis of bacterial resistance to antibiotics is such that an increasing number of infections is becoming difficult to treat, or even impossible. WHO is deeply concerned with this issue and is stimulating its state members to organise campaigns at the national level. Switzerland has already reacted to the antibiotic resistance issue by promoting a National Research Programme of 20 millions CHF(NRP 72) as well as a national Strategy on antibiotic resistance (StAR).

Additional information: StAR NRP72

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